The Tumulus Hill

The Tomb of Amphipolis lies on the hill of Kasta, near Amphipolis and Nea Mesolakkia.

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Aerial video of the Tomb

This is an astonishing video showing views of the Tomb (Kasta Hill) taken from a camera on a helicopter.

Date: 8/2014     source: ENA Channel Greece

The Hill of Kasta

This Hill holds the great secrets of the Amphipolis Tomb. The Limestone and Marble outer wall is an almost perfect circle, 500-meters in length and 3 meters high.

The Hill of Kasta

Date: 8/2014

View from a nearby hill

A view of the excavation site at the Amphipolis Tumulus, taken almost 1 year after the initial excavation, begun in 2012.

View from a nearby hill

Date: 5/2013     source: Amfipoli News

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