Key points of the Press Conference held in Athens

Key points of the Press Conference held in Athens

30 11 2014

- At least 10 pieces of the roof of the 3rd Chamber, fell when the team tried to enter the Chamber for the first time

- Katerina Peristeri did not precluded that this could be the skeleton of Alexander the Great himself. "Nothing is impossible", she noted.

- There have been found pieces from the arms, the legs and the pelvis of the dead. Moreover the skull has been found. [ View photo of the skeleton ]

- Katerina Peristeri (lead Archaeologist): "The excavation is not over yet, at the moment we have the completion of the first phase."

- The British attempted to transfer 1.000 pieces of the Amphipolis tomb?s enclosure and the Lion of Amphipolis to London in 1916. British troops were all set to transfer the pieces and the magnificent statue but on the day they were setting off were attacked by Austrian and Bulgarian troops.

- The 3rd Chamber required a large density support of 180 metallic bars, to be accessed with safety

- In the 3rd century, the pieces of the surrounding wall were transferred away by a roman tow truck, whose remains were discovered.

- There exist more missing pieces of the base of the Lion, that could be found if the water in Lake Kerkini gets lower.

- The discovered missing pieces of the surrounding wall, were initially 51. Now they are 58. Inhabitants brought back 7 pieces.

- The face of one of the Caryatids was destroyed by a timber, that was found in the soil.

- Katerina Peristeri: "The inhabitants of the area used to call the tomb as "The Tomb of the Queen".

- "The works on Kasta Hill had stopped for many years, since nobody believed that more findings could be discovered."

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